En liten film med den gamla gubben invid spåret

Det gör gott att hjälpa tack Marie för armband du sålde en del har blivit till ris och nudlar, Här får han även löfte om lite färg en hylla och ny madrass. Hoppas fler här i närområdet vill hänga på. Efter vårat utrop här om dan har två hört av sig båda från Sverige. En bostadslös vill hjälpa med tillskott till madrass och en sjukpensionär har skickat 53:-kr till mat. En stor kram och ett varmt tack för hjärtlig hjälp

Posted by Bente Wikman on den 31 mars 2015

Thank you all! For this time we manage to go by 3 pushbikes The madrass have to wait. We still have some more cloths and toys to give away. many familys in needs. Please contact me in a pm and tell me if, when and in what way its good for you if you want to help in any way ok.

I also wish to tell you that the old man he ask for help and ask us to do all we can to make his life soo mutch better we can. Thats why we taking photos and making film. I understand its a fine line and I do not like to cross over anybodys integrety. But he understand that by showing more people can see and maby like to help. We also have a responsability to people giving us things to distrubut, they want to see some proof somtime of where its going.

Its a hard life to be old here if you have no money and no children. Family is so importen and thai people are really good to taking care of theyr family. I envy that a bit.... Thats some time fare away from our lifestyle in Sweden and Norway, we have another saftynet... Here I heard that old people geting some smal help from goverment, but as litle as 500 bath in one month. When the old man need to go and bye a bit of food he have to take a motorcykeltaxi and pay 20 bath one way....

3 apr 2015

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